Sinead & Cailean

The hospital was keen to induce me early due to low PAPP-A even though everything was fine on scans. So I tried all natural methods at 39+1 before my hospital appointment and it worked!
Had to sit in MAU for 45 minutes before I got a bed. When they assessed me I was 2cm and my waters had just gone. Less than 2 hours later I was 4cm and started using TENS and got given gas and air.

I then got to go round to labour ward where they had prepared the pool for me (in the same room I gave birth to my first son less than 2 years ago). First time I came out of the pool for a “hands on delivery” to reduce tearing (I had none) so this time I wanted to try in the pool.
I kneeled in the pool leaning over the edge focusing on my breath. I felt the change in contractions and knew I needed to get baby out. I was surprised at how easy it was to “breathe” baby out and not do the pushing.

Reaching down and lifting my baby up to my chest was the best feeling ever! I have never felt more proud of myself, and would love other women to feel this.
I had 2 very minor grazes which have healed within a couple days.


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