Mum life

  • Business as (un)usual

    My inbox has been filling up with questions about business operations during the pandemic so I thought I should post and explain how everything hap...
  • Bizziebaby: Gold and Bronze awards

    Bizziebaby gold for the breastfeeding sports bra and bronze for the everyday bra
  • Finger and thumbs

      Babies grow far too quickly – that is a fact!!! I remember sorting through the clothes for my first baby and looking at how big the 6 months old ...
  • 5 Ways to help treat mastitis

    Inflammation in the breasts known as mastitis is incredibly uncomfortable and can result in pain, swelling, warmth and redness. If left untreated ...
  • Two Under Two

    Two under two, would I do it again?
  • Ethan’s birth story

    I’ve never enjoyed the experience of being pregnant. I had very different experiences with both Harper and Ethan but I’m not sure I’ll ever be some...
  • The last time

    The last time... how can you be sure?
  • Travelling with a one year old

    This was our first holiday with a toddler, at 16months Harper is always on her feet but I definitely wouldn’t call her steady. At the beginning of ...
  • Pampers Nappy Pants

    We were recently given some Pampers premium nappy pants to review. For those that follow me on social media you will know that Harper who is now 16...
  • #MyMindAndMe

    It’s ok to not be ok
  • Same body, different baby

    Pregnancies are all different don’t compare yourself and your experiences to anyone else’s. My two pregnancies could not be more different and that...
  • Pregnancy RAGE

    Pregnancy rage: I never imagined in a million years growing a human could have such an uncontrollable impact on my emotions and reactions