5 Ways to help treat mastitis

Inflammation in the breasts known as mastitis is incredibly uncomfortable and can result in pain, swelling, warmth and redness. If left untreated you can get a fever and need medical treatment.  These 5 methods can help treat it.

  1.  Massage: If you feel a lump in your breasts, start by gently massaging the area. It is likely a blocked duct which needs to be moved and worked down the tube
  2. A warm compress: Heat will help soften the blockage to allow it to move through the breast. 
  3. Bath or shower: Sitting in a warm bath or a shower with the nozzle on the affected area. You can often see milk emerge from the nipples when submerged into water which can help move the blockage. 
  4. Nursing or expressing: ultimately you need to drain the breast and help clear the ducts. During my experience it felt like a grain of sand working its way through the breast, despite being painful its the most effective method of treatment. 
  5. Cabbage leaves:I used to think this was an old wives tale, I don't know how or why these work but in my experience they do. Maybe its the cold compress effect and the shape fits perfectly. 

These will help treat it in the early stages however if you have a fever and flu like symptoms it is important you see a health professional immediately as if untreated it can lead to an abbess. 

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