A Pigeon Pair

It’s a boy

I had never heard this phrase before but after announcing that we’re expecting a boy to close friends and family a number of people have said how lovely it will be to have a pigeon pair…so Harper you are one half of our pigeons and you’re going to be a big sister to a little baby boy.

We had our 20 week scan and as baby was laying on his front in a ball the sonographer really struggled to see everything. She was able to check the stomach, brain, kidneys and spinal cord insertion and due to the position get a great view of the “potty shot” but after laying on both sides, going for a 20min walk and doing star jumps we had no joy in completing the scan so had to book in for a second session.

As I was reading the information on the form I was horrified to read that they struggled to see the detail due to my BMI! I’m sorry what! Now I’m not claiming I was at my optimal weight prior to falling pregnant after all Harper was only 9-10 months old at this point however my BMI was only marginally over at my booking in appointment and it really pissed me off they had used this as an excuse when actually she told me it was the baby’s position.

The 10 days between scans I was actually really worried, being told that they couldn’t see the details of the heart made me start to question whether there was in fact something wrong and she just needed me to come back to be certain. In hindsight it was probably completely irrational but my hormones this time around have definitely contributed to irrational behaviour, anxiety and a short temper at times!

We booked in for another scan at this point almost 22 weeks and still he wasn’t playing ball so at one point the bed was tipped in the opposite direction with my feet towards the ceiling, it was all very comical at the time, just as she was about to call it a day baby boy had a little reshuffle and gave her prime viewing. All four chambers and all arteries were where she expected them to be, music to our ears. As far as the sonographers were concerned we have a low risk of any health concerns at this stage. 

We're very excited at the thought of one of each and i've already started redistributing all of Harpers clothes to friends who are expecting girls this year, after all there's no point them sat in the loft collecting dust. 

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