Breastfeeding and exercise

A healthy lifestyle must include both exercise and a balanced diet, and breastfeeding mothers benefit significantly both mentally and physically from moderate exercise. It has no impact on breast milk's volume, composition, or flavour. So, if you're considering including fitness in your routine after having a child, here's what you should know about working out while breastfeeding.

When To Start Exercising After Childbirth

You can begin exercises on your pelvic floor straight after delivery if you want too. However you must give your body time to recover before starting anything more strenuous. You shouldn't start exercising postnatally if you are in pain, have a breast infection or block duct, or are still heavily bleeding. For the best recovery plan we suggest working with a women’s health physiotherapist. It's crucial to develop your breast milk production and obtain enough sleep. As the weeks pass, you can gradually extend and intensify your workouts. You should always work with a specialist pre or postnatal trainer when working out while breastfeeding as they have the skills and knowledge If you are overwhelmed or exhausted when exercising, you can always stop for a moment and resume your workout later. Also, getting yourself a breastfeeding Sports Bra is recommended, as it will give you total comfort and cater for your changing cup sizes through milk production without being too restrictive.

Effects On Milk Supply

Exercise shouldn't impact your milk supply as long as you follow a healthy diet. To provide the milk your baby requires, your body has to burn roughly 500 calories every day. Your baby won't notice a difference as long as you keep your aerobic workout within 80 percent of the maximal heart rate range. Even after a workout, your breast milk is still just as nutrient-rich as before.

Benefits Of Working Out While Breastfeeding

You are aware of the health benefits of both nursing and exercise. So, let's see the advantages it offers:

  • When you are a new mother, it can be exhausting. In this case, physical activity is of great help as it increases your energy reserves. So, you will feel energized if you need to breastfeed until the small hours of the morning.
  • If you exercise regularly after giving birth, it could help you avoid postpartum depression due to the impact physical activity can have on mental health. This can be amplified if doing group sessions so you are not isolated with a new baby.
  • Exercising also aids in a healthy method of weight loss. When coupled with breastfeeding, it boosts your ability to bond with your baby by elevating your mood.

Exercise Guidelines To Follow

  • It would be best if you put on a breastfeeding sports bra for your comfort. With a suitable nursing sports bra, you can discreetly nurse your baby ideally before you workout, it allows you to put it on in the morning and carry out your day as normal whilst increasing the chances of squeezing it in through the day if the opportunity arises.
  • Additionally, after working out, some babies dislike nursing while mom has been sweating because of the salt on mum's skin. In these cases you can use a flannel to wipe the your skin over prior to feeding.
  • Maintain your fluid intake. 

Finding the time to exercise is probably the most challenging aspect for a new mother. You can struggle to find the time, but it's crucial to remember that any amount of exercise is preferable to none. A breastfeeding sports bra is your best buddy when working out while breastfeeding, so you should purchase a supportive bra that will be comfortable to wear that will last.

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