Buggy Running Tips

Exercising with small people can be extremely difficult, a simple way to tackle it is to include them in your workout and what better way than to tie it into nap time with a buggy run. 

When can I start buggy running? 

The recommendation is to wait until your baby is at least 6months old and has head and neck strength. Some women run before 6months by using their child's car seat with the appropriate car seat adapters to use in the buggy. This does however change the centre of gravity of the pushchair which could increase the chances of the pushchair tipping over.

There is also your own rehabilitation to consider, if you have the opportunity to see a women's health physio they can best advise you on a rehabilitation programme to get you moving again. Generally speaking the recommendation is to wait till at least 12weeks post labour. Starting with a programme like the Couch to 5K will allow you to build up gradually. 

Is it hard to run with a buggy?

Yes, it's harder to run with a buggy than without. The sooner you start the lighter your buggy will be so your endurance and stamina will develop over time as your baby gets bigger. You should bear this in mind before you compare yourself to the park runners getting PB's!   

Can I run with any buggy?

Theoretically yes but there are certain elements your stroller should have to be safe for running. 

  • Lockable front wheel
  • Ideally wheels that are 16inches or larger
  • Easily accessible brake and arm strap. 
  • 5 point safety harness 
  • Suspension for a smoother ride 

What if my baby needs feeding whilst we are out? 

If your baby is bottle fed they make sure you take a bottle filled with water and your formula separate in a tub ready to mix if needed. 

If you’re breastfeeding then arm yourself with one of our breastfeeding sports bras to enable easy access when out. Just pull over, take a seat and unclip and you’re ready to go!  

What are the best running buggies? 

Our friends over at Running Buggies have put together some great lists on their website. I have personally tried the Thule Chariot Cross 2 and we loved it for our long runs, days out and pre-school cycle runs too! We got ours from Baby Planet but had to email them as they don't have them on the website but they're an approved distributor.

Any other hints or tips for buggy running?

If you have air filled tyres its best to swap your inner tubes out for slimed ones or take a puncture repair kit, there is nothing worse than a puncture with a fully loaded pushchair away from home. 

Think about the weather, you will get hot and sweaty, your baby has the wind in their face and they aren't doing much so will need to be dressed appropriately. With the unpredictability of the British weather in the Spring/Summer/Autumn you might want a blanket like the Morrck ones to enable layers to be taken off without it disappearing under your buggy or getting caught in your wheels. 

Snacks are king! I lost count the amount of times I bribed my 2 with snacks so they would stay in the pushchair to get us started before they fell asleep! 

Good luck Mama, it won't always go to plan but regardless of how it goes you're still doing it!  


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