I need to give daddy some credit!

I’ve been on a lot of forums recently with the new pregnancy just brushing up to make sure I’m ready for round two. Whilst scrolling through I’ve read some terrible posts about partners not supporting their wives and girlfriends whether during the pregnancy or after birth. One that I read was talking about how her husband refuses to set an alarm before 7am and expects to have a lie in on the weekend and does nothing around the house... this woman had a 4yr old and 7m twins 😱 It made me really think about David and how lucky I am! 

My husband is a rare breed. I’ve known this from the moment we met, he’s got an old soul, raised on old school traditions. He the kind that opens doors, pays for dinner and puts others first. 

He is and always will be my best friend but since having Harper he’s outdone even my expectations. It’s the little things, like every Saturday morning without fail he will get up and tend to her whatever time she wakes up so I can sleep, he cleans around the house and is a fully involved Daddy. Now he’s no saint and he can’t cook for toffee (No David - opening a can of soup does not constitute cooking!) but the fact he tries means the world to me. I know I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate him and all he does for us as a family.

I’m sat here thinking about two under two and I’m not actually that worried, I know it’s going to be hard work but I also know I have a true and equal partner who will help in whatever way he can, whenever he can. 

The world has changed since our parents had us and its so much harder to raise a family with no support. People work longer hours and later into life meaning you’re less like to get grandparents helping, partners are away from work for longer and the expectations on mums have increased often beyond capability. It does make me wonder how supported do you feel by your network? Whether it’s partners, friends or family, who can you count on when you truly need them? 

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