Different ways to spend your mothers day

Mother’s Day can be spent in many different ways. It doesn’t have to cost much and can be used as time to bond with your children. Mother’s Day can be one of the times where you get to spend time together, so here are some ideas on ways to enjoy it.


A nice start to the day could be a breakfast your partner has helped your children make. Whether its breakfast in bed, a full buffet breakfast or a royal treatment breakfast with bubbles all will be a lovely start to the day. 


The best gifts come from the heart. Your children can design cards for you or paint pictures. The idea of a home designed gift can mean a lot but can also make you realize how quickly your children are growing up.


The best part of Mother’s Day for me is the extra bonding time with you and your family. On Mother’s Day, the activities don't need to be expensive - the key thing is making memories. A nice walk to the park in the fresh air enjoying mother nature or going out to see other relatives so the whole family are together as one. 

Other activities you could enjoy together:

  • Outdoor adventures: Walks/Bike rides
  • A lazy cozy day watching movies 
  • Seeing family - going to see family on Mother’s Day so you can see your mother and your children can see their grandparents.
  • A venture out for lunch 
  • Arts and crafts from home - get stuck in with your kids creating and designing.
  • Homemade baking - making a family recipe with your children can be an extremely good bonding time.
  • To do list - get help with the jobs on your list!
  • Zoo/farm
  • Swimming - a healthy, active activity the whole family can get involved with.
  • Theme park

Taking time for you

Just because it’s Mother’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be running about all day. It’s a day for you, so run a bath and pamper yourself. Letting go is hard for many but try to let your family take care of you just for one day as you deserved it! 

A list of things you can enjoy by yourself:

  • Pamper session - run a bath and get some face masks out. When have you had the time to do that by yourself? 
  • Have an extra lay in - stay in bed an extra hour while you enjoy your breakfast.
  • Catch up on tv or a movie
  • Read a book 

Night time

After a long day and after your partner has put the children to bed, share some time with your partner. If that’s sharing a glass of wine with a movie or just sitting down to have a chat, put your phone away and enjoy being in the moment.

Whether this is your first or 25th Mothers Day, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating just how incredible you are. 

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Great tips thank you Latched 😻

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