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Babies grow far too quickly – that is a fact!!!

I remember sorting through the clothes for my first baby and looking at how big the 6 months old clothes were and thinking that there was absolutely no way that my tiny, precious bundle could ever be that big! Well I was obviously so, so wrong – the fast-forward switch had been flicked on our lives and he is now TEN years old!!!!!!

Capturing your little ones when they are still little is such an investment. Those precious moments from when you arrive back from the hospital for the first time, wrapping their tiny fingers around one of yours, falling asleep in your arms, to their first smiles (wind doesn’t count but is still beautiful) and beyond.

Here at Finger and Thumbs I specialise in helping you to keep your loved ones close to your heart wherever they may be. As your little one grows the keepsakes that I have made for you become your prompt for your memories, taking you back to precious moments that you want to hold dear. What’s more you are capturing a little piece of your child’s history that they can then look back on with you as they get older too.

Everything I make is lovingly handmade by me in my studio in leafy Poynton, Cheshire. Every piece is unique and made bespoke for you using the finest materials.  

What I do:

Finger and Thumbs specialises in capturing your little ones in the full range of high end, bespoke handmade keepsakes. Finger and Thumbs ranges include Fine Silver Imprint Jewellery, detailed 3D Hand Casts, Bump Casts and Ceramic Imprints.

The Process:

Finger and Thumbs silver imprint jewellery can be ordered on line at

Easy to use magic inkless hand and footprint kits will be posted directly to you anywhere in the world. For the beautiful 3D casts and ceramic imprints ranges an appointment is needed. 

Quality Assurance:

I use the best quality material across all of the different ranges to ensure that you get a perfect keepsake for you to treasure forever. All the silver handprint charms are made using fine silver clay (9.99% pure) and is hallmarked for quality assurance. Finger and Thumbs frames are made by a fabulous framing company, who makes every frame especially for your piece.


Congratulations to all you new and expectant mums and welcome to your journey into parenthood. If you have any questions at all or would like me to help you to start capturing precious moments with your little from the day they arrive please get in touch – I will be delighted to help you.

Take care and enjoy every minute,






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