Two under two!

Sh*t!!! Oh Sh*t.... the first thoughts through my head when that little word came up “Pregnant”

Our daughter hasn’t had her 1st birthday yet, and despite planning to have another child we didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Well Merry Christmas to us 😂

We had always planned to have our children in close succession so they could grow up close together enjoying the same things and having the same experiences. We were thinking 24-30 months but looks like that’s going to be 18 months after all. 

We live out of catchment for our local hospital so I had to go on and self register for my booking appointment and 12 week scan. It’s going to be quite a new year, 3rd Jan booking appointment and 15th Jan our 12wk scan, just 3 days after Harper’s first birthday. 


Over the past week it’s started to sink in that we’re having another baby, I’m trying to see all the positives in having two under two but equally so anxious to get to the 12wk scan to see if everything is ok. 

The Christmas break was so nice, I was able to do a lot of resting with David being home, also with Harper getting into a better sleep routine and having around 2 hrs at lunch times I was able to jump in with her to make the most of these last few days at home before my return to work in Jan. 


This past week I had my booking appointment with my midwife Jo, she was the out of area midwife for Harper so I got a massive hug and smile when I walked in along with a “I knew I’d be seeing you again soon!” We laughed and joked for almost the whole of my hour long appointment, yes even when she took my blood! It was so lovely having a familiar face to go through this with again. 

In addition to my booking appointment the dreaded nausea turned into full blown sickness Saturday morning so I spent most of the day in bed whilst Daddy took care of everything else. He truly is my rock, I know I can always count on him whenever I need him to be there and today he did just that. 

My bump is starting to show and it’s getting really difficult to hide it - which is mental as I’m only 11weeks! 


Well we've eve had our 12 week scan, we have a singleton (phew) pregnancy & so far everything looks good. Baby kept moving so Lisa our sonographer had to work hard to measure everything and check the anatomy but we got there in the end. We opted for the additional tests for Downs, Edwards & Pleteaus which came back 1 in 28000, 1 in 31000 & 1 in 50000 so low risk for any of those. I guess now we know baby is structurally sound and our risks are low I should probably publish this and share our news... 

Due date 5th August 2019!! 

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