How to measure your bra size

Buying a bra can be an absolute minefield, throw a forever changing body into the mix with a side of hormones and you have a recipe for disaster. So many women I speak to at live events, like the Baby Show and the Baby and Toddler Shows, tell me how challenging they find it, especially with the high street not being particular helpful in terms of measuring and the availability of maternity bras.

A good bra is not one you want to rip off the minute you walk through the door at the end of the day, so read on to discover how to unwrap the key steps to get a great fit.

Where to start?

The first thing that we need to know is roughly what size you are. I say “roughly” because your general size is a starting off point, your size will alter depending on the brands sizing, the material and the cut of the fabric. The start to discovering your size Is knowing your band size and cup size. You can use many of the different online calculators however we like the boob or bust calculator as its has specific questions around pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to measure your band

First, grab a tape measure. Standing upright without a bra, measure around your back and under your bust where the band would usually sit. Ensuring the tape measure feels snug and not tight, in inches write down your measurement. If the number is even this is the size you would need e.g. 34, if the number is odd you will round it up to get your band size e.g. 31 inches = 32 band.

How to measure your cup size

It is recommended that you wear your comfiest bra so your breasts are held in the pace you want them to be, then measure around the fullest part of your bust. Whatever this measurement is in inches you need to subtract your band measurement. The difference between these 2 numbers is your cup size as shown below


































These cup sizes combined with your band size give you your size, so for example a 31 inch under bust measurement and a 38 inch bust would equate to a 32FF.

How do I know if my bra fits me properly?

The band is where the support for your bra starts. Too loose and the breast tissue will not be held up, it should feel firm to the body but still be able to get a finger or two under the band. The band should also be horizontal around the body.

If you find the band riding up try loosening the bra straps or using a tighter hook.

If you find the bra gapping at the sides its too big, we suggest you go down a size.

If you experience back and shoulder pain this could be a sign that the sizing is off, you also need to remember the weight of your breasts can be a contributing.

What is a sister size?

As bra’s vary from brand to brand, by material and cut we recommend ordering a couple of sizes either size of your starting size, this is known as the sister sizes. You would go up in a band size and down in a cup size and vice versa. As a 34F when I order bra’s online I also order a 32FF and a 36E. 8/10 times one of these 3 sizes fits and the other 2 get returned.

What next?

So once you have a starting point its time to start trying on, if you’re looking for an everyday nursing bra or maternity sports bra then our collection is a great place to start.

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