Pampers Nappy Pants

We were recently given some Pampers premium nappy pants to review. For those that follow me on social media you will know that Harper who is now 16months is running around faster than my 29week pregnant body can catch! She’s also discovered Velcro and Poppers and her ability to open them, which means she un-pops her sleeping bag and if she can get to her nappy takes it off 🤦🏼‍♀️ so this review could not come at a better time for us.

I have been an avid Pampers user since she was born, I had certain preconceptions about some brands, I liked the idea of some own brand ones but I shop in bulk every 6 weeks and just do a small top up shop for veg, fruit and milk from the village shops so don’t regularly go to a supermarket. This means my big shop is done at Costco where I can purchase 120 pampers nappies for around £10 (there’s always some kind of offer on) so makes them more affordable.

The thought of nappy pants scares me as it’s like the transition phase to big girl pants and potty training… where has our little baby gone? She was only born last year!

Nappy pants have been so much easier than trying to get her to stay still long enough to do Velcro tabs. As soon as she starts to stand up I just pull them up and we’re done. She’s only been using them a few days but like when she wants her shoes taken off she’ll lift her foot up to help put them on. 

They say 12hr protection and 3 nights running we had no issues with leaking, I usually go up a size at night just to be on the safe side but with these I don’t  need too so can use them all up before we move into size 5s! I’ll definitely be scraping the Velcro tabs for this toddling toddler!! 



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