Same body, different baby

Pregnancies are all different don’t compare yourself and your experiences to anyone else’s. My two pregnancies could not be more different and that’s the same body just a different baby!

My first pregnancy was in 2017. I had the usual nausea and sickness during the first trimester. I went off all fruit and vegetables but craved cheese, whether on toast, melted or in a chunk straight off the block in the fridge, I could not get enough of it!

Towards the end of the first trimester I caught  food poisoning, that was horrendous, I’m not sure if I was more sensitive to food than usual as I had never had this before. I spent 3 days in bed going between the bed and bathroom whilst trying to pack for a holiday and then get on a plane and spend another two days in bed in sunny Spain.

After those first 3 months things got better, I felt fine, some days I’d be really tired and get home from work and go to bed till the following morning but otherwise I couldn’t really complain.

My bump was tiny, I had an anterior placenta so didn’t really feel anything. I also believe this resulted in everything being pushed back into me helping with the small bump. I was still stood on the side of a netball court at full term with no problems at all. My labour was great (there’s a separate blog for that if you’re interested) and in Jan 2018 we got a beautiful baby girl.

Now fast forward to the present day and I’m 26-27 weeks into our second pregnancy and it’s been completely different. The first trimester was a breeze. No sickness and a day of nausea, I didn’t really know I was even pregnant, second trimester huge bump, posterior placenta so feel every single thing! It’s so uncomfortable, I’m struggling to walk/stand for long periods of time, even getting in and out of the car is a struggle. Finding I’m still getting tired at times but I guess that’s also partly to having a 15month old for life to revolve around. I cannot begin to imagine what carrying multiples would be like when I’m so uncomfortable now!

I’ve done a question on my Instagram account @latchedUK to get recommendations for bump support bands as I’m sure the next 13weeks are only going to get harder!! So watch this space and if you have any recommendations please let me know x

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