Small Sibling Age Gap? Must-Haves for Parenting Toddlers and Newborns

Having two children is a daunting task, but having a toddler and a newborn at the same time is even more challenging. After all, both need different types of care and are naturally needy because, well, they're kids. A mum even shared her struggles with Baby Centre saying that, “My first boy is 20 months old, and I just had my second little boy three days ago,” she began. “I know this is obviously very, very early days, but we are struggling with the adjustment to having two under two”.

Small sibling parenting can get overwhelming, but you can totally survive if you have the right things to help you along the way. That said, here are some important things you need as a parent if you have toddlers and newborns:

A baby carrier

Your toddler will still need your assistance for the most part despite them being older than your newborn. However, if they ask for your help when you’re carrying your baby, you can get distracted and put your newborn at risk. A baby carrier will solve this problem because you can have your newborn sat in it. The Infantino baby carrier allows you to carry your baby on your chest or back. With your arms free, you can attend to your toddler’s needs while ensuring the safety of your newborn while you’re out and about.

Tandem pushchairs

When you need to leave the house, you can’t possibly carry both your children at the same time. The NHS states that growing pains are common in toddlers, especially after physical activity. This leads to discomfort, and they may ask to be carried when you’re on a stroll. The tandem pushchairs on iCandy can carry both your children and be transformed into a single pushchair for just your newborn. The seat sizes are different, too, so you can rest assured that they’re both comfortable. With a tandem pushchair, you can comfortably travel and take strolls with both your toddler and newborn.

High chairs

Feeding time can be a hectic process. A newborn might need to be held for breastfeeding, while a toddler will need help eating. You’ll have a hard time trying to feed both children at the same time. As such, invest in some high chairs. Evomove have high chairs for both newborns and toddlers. Having high chairs for your children will ensure that you get to feed them simultaneously while ensuring their safety. Using these chairs also means you can prepare their food at the same time while keeping an eye on them.

A changing bag fit for two

When you need to leave the house with both children, say for a doctor’s appointment, you need to take the essentials with you. This includes feeding bottles, nappies, and extra clothes. However, since you have two children, this also means double the things. A spacious changing bag is what you need. Changing bags by Storksak are big enough to fit everything in your need. It also has pockets that are easy to access, like for wipes and towels. Storing both your children’s essentials means that you only have to carry one bag while managing a newborn and a toddler, making parenthood a bit easier for you.

Just as discussed in our article The Mum Pressures and Allowing Yourself Some Grace, having more than one child can be a challenge. However, with the right equipment, you can make parenthood a less daunting experience for both you and your children.

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