I’m starting to understand why there are so many gadgets and gizmo’s out there to assist with the teething stage. The past two months feel like a huge blur from the sleepless nights and endless comforting Harper has needed whilst all 4 top teeth came through together. 

I think about how painful my wisdom teeth were when they came through, & i’m able to understand what’s going on and take medication to help, she has no clue and cannot communicate what she needs. It’s obvious when she’s teething as her face it like a beetroot, so red and blotchy all over her cheeks but she still keeps on smiling! 


The majority of the time I have felt so helpless, I bought every product available from powders & gels, to teething rings & cold compresses. In the end the combination of Nurofen & Ambersol was our go to remedy. The Ambersol suppressed the pain giving the Nurofen time to kick in. All four popped through over the space of 3 weeks and things settled back to normal 🙌

That was until Boxing Day when it would seem we have another two coming on the bottom which will be shortly followed by her molars. She’s been waking at all hours and I’m back to work on the 2nd so walking Zombie mummy mode here I come! 

If anyone has any advice or tips I’d love to hear from you and if I find any other remedies I’ll of course share it x 

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