The best non-chocolate gifts for Easter

My children get bought so many Easter eggs trying to tell them they can't eat every single one in the space of a few hours always ends in tantrums and tears. Here is a list of amazing alternatives that do not end in a sugar crash:

1. Bunny Teether

Babies definitely do not need chocolate. That doesn't mean you can't get them an Easter gift that they can sink their teeth into! These teethers from Hallie and Harlow are perfect for them to chew on.

Not only do they help with teething but they also come with a silicone raised non slip circular grip which can help babies when learning to grasp - the perfect product to learn through sensory play.

2. Nesting Babies

These beautiful Nesting Babies encourage hand-to-eye co-ordination through interactive play and are a great Easter Egg alternative for all ages as they are suitable from birth. My son Ethan has these and is still playing with them at age 3. 

Playtime is precious time and our brightly coloured Nesting Babies make a wonderful and charming addition to the nursery. Parents can demonstrate how the toy works, and watch baby’s excitement as the Rosa babies are revealed one by one. Then there’s the final sensory surprise of a chiming Bo Bunny in the centre!

3. Make your own t-shirt 

For ones that are a little bit older (3+) these creative bunny t-shirts or sweatshirts are great for children to design themselves and get creative. 

Each kit contains a t-shirt with a bunny head outline, two oilboard stencils, three unique eco friendly inks, which include a neon, metallic and another bright colour and a brush.

Little Mashers Bunny painting tops

4. Easter edition play cards

Jam packed full of fun and engaging ideas to entertain and support your little one's development whilst creating special times year after year.

As well as containing 72 activities and ideas, this special Easter edition includes Easter flashcards, that are duplicated so you can play snap, memory games and develop your little one's vocabulary

5. Bunny footprints

Capture your little thumper's gorgeous footprints with this ingenious kit; a keepsake to treasure forever. This cute baby rabbit makes the perfect present for a new baby or their older sibling, and is a sure fire hit with any parent or grandparent!

Available in sizes from newborn to seven years old, it's perfect for new babies or older children.

As you can see there are other options out there for non-edible gifts no matter what the age range. If you have any other ideas for non-chocolate Easter gifts leave them in the comments below. 

Happy Easter 🐰



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