The end of the road

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for about 2 months as it wasn’t actually the way I was hoping it would go which makes me a little sad. 

Harper started weaning at 5months and by 6months was on 3 meals a day and dropped down to 3 feeds a day, I did the morning one, she had a bottle at lunch and then alternated between me and a bottle before bed. 


Self feeding


We got to the point around 7months were I was back playing netball two evenings a week and missed out on the night time feed, the days where I fed her she wasn’t really interested and didn’t really drink much. I continued with my morning feed and the two bottles a day making sure she was full before bed as she slowly had less of my milk. 


8months, we had made it 8months! I was so proud of us... little did I know that Harper was done. Harper started pushing me away on our morning feeds as she just didn’t want to have to work at it when a bottle was so much easier. I was truly devastated that this day had come. If I’d of known then what I know now I may have persevered with the bedtime feeds. I loved breastfeeding Harper it was so incredible to me that my body had the ability to grow and feed this little person for 18months all on its own. I hope I have given her the best start with it and she gets all the benefits that come along with it. I’m now starting to plan her first birthday with is 6 weeks away... but first Christmas!!! 

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