The mum pressures and allowing yourself some grace. 

I wanted to share this story with you to hopefully show you that everything you’re doing is enough and your little people won’t see the mess that you see - they only see you and feel the love around them. 

To give you a bit of background- 

I am a mum of three gorgeous girls, Honey is 5, Summer 3 and Hope is just 9 weeks old, I’m a fitness instructor and online fitness coach so exercise has always been a huge passion but mum life is my priority at the moment. 

To say it’s been a crazy adventure the past few months is an understatement but we’ve survived the craziness of homeschooling with a new born and of course the global pandemic! 

And to say my house and house work has taken a back seat is also a huge understatement! 

But I wanted to share this little snippet of our life as I think it’s super relatable for so many mums - especially right now! 

Honeys school topic was space and one of the tasks set was to make a space buggy, her daily zoom calls allowed the children at home to show off their amazing projects and obviously the competitive mummy in me meant that we too had to create a huge cardboard box space buggy! 

So Friday morning came, I had got up early and got my workout in- wearing my gorgeous Latched feeding bra of course! Summer wasn’t in pre school and so wanted to join in the making too, the girls were all still in pyjamas and busy cutting and sticking with all kinds of tin foil, cardboard and other junk modelling bits from around the house! 

The door bell rang and my instant thought of “what have I ordered on Amazon now!” went through my head. 

I went to the door only to find a health visitor standing there with her scales and bag ready to do a 6 week check on Hope! You can imagine my horror when I’m not yet showered, girls still in PJs, cardboard literally everywhere and the general state of the house after homeschooling, newborn life and my hurricane three year old who loves to just make a mess everywhere she goes! 

She could see by the look on my face that I was definitely not ready for visitors and honestly my heart just sank at the embarrassment of what she was about to see! 

I hate to admit that I’m not a hugely house proud person - we bought this house renovation project 2 years ago and are slowly doing it up room by room and planning a large extension too, so keeping the old 1960s kitchen and gross beige carpets clean is hard work at the best of times. 

I reluctantly let her in and must have apologised about 20 times before she perched on the only tiny space of carpet left! 

She weighed Hope with the help of my two big girls and wrote in the red book, and then proceeded to say something which has stuck in my head and something I’m trying to remember daily, she said - “please don’t apologise about the state of your house, seeing how happy these girls are and you just being here with them is the just most wonderful thing. The fact they’re using their imagination and junk modelling and you’re juggling a newborn with home school and a three year old is the most lovely thing to see.”

Children won’t remember how messy your house is or how clean the carpets are- they’ll remember all the fun they had, the love they felt and safety of the place you call home. 

That health visitors’ compassion and kind words have stuck with me and made me realise so much that so what if my house isn’t “insta perfect” and so what if we dance around in our PJs all morning making rubbish junk box space shops. The most important thing is my girls - and me being happy. 

I hope this helps any mums who are juggling it all to give yourself some grace and try to enjoy those messy moments - clutter and all 🤍

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