Tips to keep your baby warm in the winter months

Winter can be a tricky time for new mums. Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature so it's important to make sure they are warm enough as the temperature starts to drop.


The easiest way to manage the changes in temperature is with layers. This also ensures you can easily remove layers to ensure your baby doesn't overheat which is very common at this time of year as people bundle their children up because of the cold. Start with a base layer vest then pair with a top, jumper, trousers and socks. You might also consider some soft soled shoes to keep their feet warmer.

Warm and dry

Using a coat or snow/rain suit ensures that your baby stays dry, if its raining outside and you're going from pushchair to house etc. keeping you baby dry will ensure your baby doesn't lose their warmth trapped in the layers below. If your pram has a rain cover make sure it’s under the pram ready, I cannot even tell you the number of times I have needed mine and it’s been left at home.

Coats in cars

This is a big no-no! The padding on coats can be thick and results in the car seat straps not sitting tight enough against your child in case of an emergency stop or crash. Having a spare blanket that can be used over your child in the car is an easy way around this as you can wrap them up once you have strapped them in. Alternatively you can pop their coat on backwards once strapped in too, just ensure their airways are clear of any material / hoods.

Hats and gloves

Whilst also being cute, hats ensure that your baby does not lose too much heat from their head. Ideally you will want a hat that has warmth properties (insulated) but keep their extremities covered with gloves too, ones that can be clipped to coats or on a string through their jackets ensure these stay with your bay. 

Bed time

The ideal temperature for your baby's room for sleep is between 16 - 20*C but with the rising cost of living and a frosty winter know how to dress your baby for colder nights. If the room your baby is sleeping in falls outside of this it is important to make sure they are dressed correctly. Under 15ºC you will want a 3.5 tog sleeping bag with long sleeved PJs and a Body Suit, you may also want to consider a light hat, if you usually use blankets each layer is estimated at 1.5tog so if you double layer it that’s 3tog and so on. If your house retains heat between 15ºC – 17ºC you will still want a body suit and long sleeved PJs but teamed with a 2.5tog sleep suit.

Putting them into a cold bed can make it hard for them to fall asleep until their radiated heat warms the bed up, to speed up this process you might want to use a hot water bottle in the cot beforehand (remove before putting your child in the bed) to warm the mattress. 

Are they too warm?

With so many layers and changing temperatures there are some signs to watch out for to see if your baby is too warm. Flushed cheeks is an obvious external visual clue, this can also be paired with damp hair and a sweaty neck. Their breathing may be rapid and they can develop a heat rash. If you see any of these signs take a layer off your baby and monitor them for ten minutes and their condition should improve. 

Something for mum?

It's hard for breastfeeding mums to stay warm in the winter, if you are feeling the chill make sure you check out our breastfeeding hoodie. With easy accessible zips for feeding, longline and oversized fit plus thumbholes its the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.   

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