Travelling with a one year old

This was our first holiday with a toddler, at 16months Harper is always on her feet but I definitely wouldn’t call her steady. At the beginning of our trip there was lots of wobbling and she fell over the smallest of steps or inclines. Well by the end of 2weeks she was running and climbing on everything! We learnt lots on this holiday and my best tips from two weeks away...

1️⃣ The beach - you forget how hot the sand can be and their little toes can really struggle. One of our best buys was a pair of beach shoes from JoJo Maman Bebe for her so she could toddle around covered in sand but without scolding her feet!!

2️⃣ Pushchair - doesn’t matter what brand/size you take just make sure it reclines fully so whether it’s a lunchtime nap or an evening sleep whilst out at dinner they can get some decent sleep.

3️⃣ Aqua doodle pad - this thing was amazing!! We would get it out between coming up from the pool/beach before dinner and she would draw away showing us her book once she had made her mark. Because it was new it was so exciting for her

4️⃣ Cutlery, Cups and Bib - we were in an apartment but also ate out and having her own plate, fork and spoon that she was familiar with meant we could save the China from ending up in a million pieces!  We also took her Tommie Tippee beaker to make sure she had water with her at all times and again she was able to drink whenever she wanted it. We also took her bib as despite most restaurants only serving fish/chicken nuggets and chips it seems to go everywhere 😂 

5️⃣ Work as a team - there is nothing greater than having an hour to yourself to lay in the sun/listen to some music. Remember it’s your holiday too and don’t feel guilty as having an hour downtime will do you the world of good to reset and recharge as after all that’s what holidays are about!

Now back to reality with 8weeks to go before little man joins in the fun! 

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