Valentines Day: Parents Edition

Having a young baby at home can make date night a challenge, add the pressure of Valentines Day into the mix where your usual sitters may have plans plus places get booked up ridiculously early so not a day when you can be running late to your table because the baby threw up on your clothes just as you were about to leave the house. So to make life easier here are some idea’s for a parent friendly date night.

1. Netflix and Chill

Whilst often overlooked when was the last time you had a proper night in and watched a movie whilst your phones are in the other room? Popcorn and a good snuggle with the baby monitor close to hand gives you a sense of intimacy without any stress.

2. Order in

And I don’t mean a Dominoes! So many restaurants have set themselves up for take out during the pandemic so make the most of it and push the boat out. Order the beef or veggie wellington, the triple cooked chips, the sticky toffee pudding and enjoy not having to wash up the pots and pans afterwards.

3. Fondue

A new baby feeds a lot! Small children want to be held constantly. Why not plan a one handed dinner. Whether you go for chocolate or cheese all you need is a fork and food to dunk and it’s a one handed dunk fest.

4. Home spa

You don’t need to head out to pamper yourselves. Face masks, foot spa & manicure followed by a couples massage is easily achieved at home and other than some products is a way to keep costs down whilst having some time together.

5. Brunch

Its hard to go out at night after bedtime, why not move your plans forward to a brunch and take your baby along with you. The restaurant will be quieter, hopefully it won’t mess up any nap times and you can enjoy it together as a family.

6. Write love letters

As parents our focus shifts to our children and their wants and needs. Why not take pen to paper and write each other a love letter to tell each other what you love about each other. Whether it's their quirks, the way the do something or something else, maybe it's time to let each other know.

7. Take an online class

Whether you want to mix cocktails, complete a wine tasting or take an art class the options are limitless so whether you have a passion already or are looking to learn something new this could be the perfect night in.

8. Scrapbook

When was the last time you reflected on your life together? Grab those ticket stubs, print off your photos, and find any other memories and mementos of your life together and scrapbook it. Every year you can add to it and show your children when they grow up.

9. Walk

Nothing brings us closer than spending unfiltered time together. No distractions, no phones, just us.

10. Sack it all off together

Remember valentine’s day is just one day in the year. If you find it all too much this year and cannot face adding anything else to your to do list… then don’t do it! You have the rest of your lives to show one another how much you love each other.

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