Mum life

  • Same body, different baby

    Pregnancies are all different don’t compare yourself and your experiences to anyone else’s. My two pregnancies could not be more different and that...
  • Pregnancy RAGE

    Pregnancy rage: I never imagined in a million years growing a human could have such an uncontrollable impact on my emotions and reactions
  • A Pigeon Pair

    A pigeon pair... a boy and girl as twins or as the only children in a family.
  • I need to give daddy some credit!

    I’ve been on a lot of forums recently with the new pregnancy just brushing up to make sure I’m ready for round two. Whilst scrolling through I’ve...
  • Two under two!

    Two under two... oh my god!!
  • Teething

    Teething, one of the worst things to happen to a baby!
  • The end of the road

    Breastfeeding... the end of the road
  • Life before labour

    I am one of the most organised people you could meet, I plan and prepare for almost everything. My Christmas shopping starts in August, I use my di...
  • Breast, Formula and Expressing

    If you breastfeed there is so much pressure to give your baby a bottle, if you formula feed you are judged for not breastfeeding, you literally can...
  • Hangry

    I've always been one to order a steak not a salad, I don't cope well with low blood sugar levels or being hangry, however during breastfeeding I ...
  • Leaking

    There are some things that nothing can prepare you for, I thought labour would be at the top of my list. After hearing all the horror stories, re...
  • The Beginning

    So, on 12th January, our world changed forever with the birth of our daughter. At 8lb 8oz this small creation became our everything, born in the ...