Regular leggings VS Maternity leggings

Buying maternity gym leggings can seam indulgent, especially when most people think they’ll only wear them for nine months or less. Some people think buying a size up in cheap high-street leggings will do the trick. Well, they may fit your bump but your crotch will sag, your knees will be baggy and they will almost certainly be see-through!

Well-fitting maternity and postnatal leggings will definitely make you feel more confident and comfortable. You’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t get them sooner (makes a change from bump kicking you though!).

Surely I can just size up?

Standard leggings are not designed for pregnancy. The material doesn't allow for changes in the body, and the seams all sit in the wrong place, which makes them a poor choice for pregnancy.

Latched leggings are cut from fabric that will stretch and contract to support your changing body. The seams are dropped so they won’t dig into baby bump while you're pregnant, and they'll still sit comfortably once you've had your baby. They'll see you through every stage of motherhood and come complete with two deep pockets on either side.

Made for walking, running, gym workouts and more

Our maternity gym leggings are super high-waisted and cut from stretch fabric that's sweat-wicking and reliably squat-proof. They provide gentle compression and lift, which can be extremely welcome as your bump gets bigger and heavier.

They're a perfect choice for all kinds of exercise, but equally brilliant for everyday running around or simply pottering at home – you'll feel supported wherever you go!

Still can’t justify maternity leggings?

The reason our leggings also have postnatal in the title is that they will still be your best friend once your baby is earthside! The high waistband will support you and your postnatal body.

I personally wore these postnatally with Harper and all through my pregnancy with Ethan, and they're still going strong to this day. That's more than three years – so not a bad investment! They've become a wardrobe staple for me and so many of my customers. Here's what other mamas say:

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