Sizing Information

Bump guide:

With so many leggings to choose from and the collection expanding hopefully this bump guide will make it a little easier to get the right leggings for you  

  • Show- newly pregnant and your regular clothes are becoming a little tight. Generally the 1st trimester.
  • Glow - your bump has popped and theres no more squeezing into your jeans with the hair band hack. Generally the 2nd trimester.
  • Grow - You are in the thick of it now. You can't really see your toes any more and baby has made themselves at home. Generally the 3rd trimester. 
  • Whoa -  Yes I am aware I have a big bump. Its not polite to ask "Oh my god, are you having twins". I can't get out of bed in the morning and yes i'm struggling to get dressed. Perfect for comfort throughout your pregnancy and for mums with larger bumps or carrying multiples. 
  • Postnatal - You've got through labour and you're ready to get moving but need added support, extra pockets and thick fabric to hide any pads or knickers. The 4th trimester and beyond. 




Our sizing is specifically for pregnant women, just because your belly is expanding it doesn't mean your dress size should too. We know you're probably going to have your tummy measured at your baby shower so grab that tape measure and get ahead of the game!

Nursing Hoodies

Av. UK Size 8-10 12-14 16-18 18-20
Bust 76cm 78cm 80cm  82cm
Length 54cm 56cm 58cm 60cm

Sports Bra 

Band size 32 34 36 38 40

Opt for your pre-pregnancy rib size, these bras come with an extender to cater for rib expansion during pregnancy! 

Maternity Shorts 


Everyday Nursing Bra 

65-75 cm 75-80cm 80-85cm 85-90cm
UK Sizes equiv. 32A 34B 36B 38B
32B 34C 36C 38C
32C 34D 36D 38D/E
32D 34DD 38A 40A
34A 34E/F 38B 40B
36A 40C