Harriet & Tori

Second baby, first one arrived at 30 weeks! But no signs of an early arrival with little miss! First time I had no labour pains or contractions... This time I had a dull ache all day, but nothing painful or frequent enough to be contractions.

Contacted the midwife late afternoon to just check and she said nah doesn't sound like contractions but come in because of your history. So I go to head out the door in my latched leggings. .. And my waters go! So I get changed into my other pair (luckily I have 3) and head out the door to drop my boy off on the way to the hospital and still no pain!!

Half an hour later and 5 mins from hospital I actually get constant pain and a feeling like I need to push!! Pull up in the car park, like an ironing board my husband said, and I couldn't gey out of the car because of the pressure!! Some poor nurse who didn't even work in maternity helped move me into a wheelchair, head into the reception and straight into labour suite.

Into a room and a midwife asked me if I want to stand or lie on the bed, I said she's here!! Stood up trying to pull down my leggings, my poor hubby pulls them down for me down to my knees and her head is there! And bam next thing she's caught in my leggings and knickers around my knees 😂😂😂 34 weeks we made it to! But honestly the most bliss hour after she arrived 😍

I asked my hubby to take my leggings home to wash and bring back as they are the comfiest things ever!!!

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