Our Story

My naLabour dayme is Natalie, I am a 30-something modern day woman, there is nothing extra-ordinary about me. Working full-time, playing sport and exercising and lucky enough to marry one of the good guys.This journey started with the birth of our daughter, Harper, in 2018. Everything became so much harder overnight; cleaning, walking the dog and working out became such a challenge. I searched online for comfy and practical clothing... everything I found was hideous, not practical or super expensive, so with that in mind I wanted to do something to make sure other women could enjoy the first few months of breastfeeding by creating a range of nursing and activewear suitable for the modern day Mum.  

So that was the start of this journey. Fast forward 18months and I became a mum to two under two, life handed me new challenges and a different season to contend with resulting from an August baby. I survived the heatwave of 2019 and realised how many more things would help pregnant and breastfeeding mums on their journey.

My body has far from bounced back this time, I have found that traditional sportswear and athleisurewear doesn't support or flatter my ever changing body so in 2020 I launched the "mums on the go" collection. The same high quality and value for money people have come to love but without the pregnancy or breastfeeding element.

I really want you to enjoy our products, please tag us in your social posts @latchedUK and let us know what you think! If you think its great, please share the love.