Natalie & Rosaria

For my second pregnancy, I chose a home birth, despite being declared high risk due to restricted fetal growth (see later for the size of my tiny baby 😂😂)

Our team yellow turned into a team pink on Saturday 23 April at 8pm, her due date! After nipping to the local shopping centre to book a holiday (gotta get that oxytocin flowing, right?) a TENS machine got me to a “very stretchy 3cm”.

 I decided to get in the rented pool and inhaled clary sage with each contraction while I squeezed the midwives hand. When it became a little too much, I asked for the gas and air. My two midwives were amazing. Left me to do my thing while we jammed to 90s pop.

Their shift change was 6pm - I didn’t know this was going to happen. They held off until 7.15 before allowing the next two to take over. The change definitely disturbed my flow.

Baby’s heart was accelerating and I was getting weak (I hadn’t eaten since 12pm and it was now almost 7.30pm).They were growing concerned so asked me to get out the pool and see where I was. I didn’t want to but did so. After an examination, they said I was “only 6cm”.

My breathing had change and I could feel the sensations to poop (IYKYK), I told them and they said sure sure. I rolled off the sofa, onto my all fours. I said I’m going to poo, and I need to push. I pushed and told them I could feel the head coming down. They didn’t take me seriously, but I knew I had pushed the head out. My waters went pop and I pushed her body out.

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of blood and fainted on my floor when I tried to make it to the toilet. We were blue lighted into hospital where I stayed and recover until the next afternoon.

It was an incredible experience, and I am beyond proud of being an advocate for my own body and baby - I pushed for a home birth against being high risk. I knew my baby wasn’t small from her kicks!

Welcome to our little Rosaria (Rosie) born on her due date, 23rd April at 7lbs 9oz!!!

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