Multitasking activewear for maternity and postnatal mamas

Here at Latched, our whole reason for being is to create clothing that empowers women to stay active through pregnancy, breastfeeding and into postnatal life.

But would it surprise you to discover our maternity activewear is about SO much more than working out?

Or to learn that its lifespan goes way beyond the pregnancy and newborn days?

It’s true. Our customers tell us regularly that they LIVE in our clothing! They reach for it day in, day out – whether they’re planning to work out or not. And I myself am still wearing the same pair of Maternity And Postnatal Active Support Leggings I had when I was pregnant with my son, Ethan, who turned three this August!

So why do our customers wear our clothing so often, and for so long? I believe it’s all about wearability, adaptability and quality. They’re the principles I use to guide every decision I make about the styles that make it into our collection, and ultimately into our customer’s wardrobes.

Read on to discover exactly why our award-winning activewear can multitask like a mum!


What do you think of when you hear the term ‘activewear’?

Instantly, most of us probably think about sports and formal exercise – and of course that’s a key purpose of our products. Everything I design has movement in mind, so I choose performance fabrics that are the ultimate multitaskers: they’ll move with you, wick sweat away from your body and give you the confidence to stay as active as you want to be while you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. Whether you’re a runner, a climber, a yogi or a gym-goer, we’ve got you, mama.

But there are SO many other times and situations when we’re being active, even if we’re not ‘intentionally’ exercising. Here are just some of the ways we mamas might work up a sweat on an average day with the kids:

  • Doing the school run.
  • Running after the kids at the park.
  • Walking the dog.
  • Crawling around with the baby at soft play.
  • Entertaining little ones on the floor at home.
  • Squatting to pick up the various toys/snacks/clothing strewn around the house.
  • Carrying children who refuse to walk.
  • Dragging bikes and scooters they’ve lost interest in riding.
  • Pushing the buggy up a hill.

The list goes on and on, am I right?

In fact, I’d argue that mum life in general is one big workout! That’s why so many mamas (me included) find that activewear is really the only clothing that’s truly comfortable for everyday wear.

And let’s not forget the times when we’re not quite so active… our leggings, joggers and sweatshirts make the best maternity loungewear. They’re perfect for life in that hazy newborn bubble, as well as for every lazy Sunday thereafter. Many customers also tell us they were the best things they put in their hospital bag, and I’ve lost count of how many women have told me they gave birth in our maternity and nursing sports bras!

You see, there really are very few situations in life that activewear doesn’t make better!


I mentioned earlier that I’ve been wearing one of my pairs of maternity leggings since I was pregnant with my little boy back in 2018, and here are the photos to prove it!

Natalie 40+weeks pregnant  

The first photo is me at around 40-weeks pregnant with Ethan, and the second is me just last week.

If you’re new to Latched, you might be wondering how the same pair of leggings can fit my sizeable bump so beautifully, yet still be a perfect fit three-and-a-half years later. ‘Maternity leggings’ are redundant when you’re no longer pregnant, right?

Wrong! Latched maternity and postnatal leggings are designed to flex with your changing body. Our stretchy fabric gently hugs and supports your bump when you’re pregnant, but then adapts once your baby is born, continuing to fit, flatter and support your postnatal body.

I take the same approach for everything in our collection. So, our maternity and postnatal cycling shorts are every bit as adaptable as our leggings, just a lot shorter in the leg! Our jogging bottoms feature a removable bump panel that transforms them into super-comfy ‘standard’ joggers that are sure to become forever favourites.

Our Maternity and Nursing Sports Bras will support your boobs from the earliest stages of pregnancy until long after you finish breastfeeding, and our super-discreet clips mean no one will ever know it was once a nursing bra!

Meanwhile, over in our collection of maternity tops, you’ll find nursing sweatshirts and breastfeeding hoodies with strategically positioned, cleverly hidden zips, which means you can enjoy layering up in these styles even when you’re done nursing.

I want you to be able to wear and love Latched clothing at every stage of motherhood, and that’s why adaptability is such an important part of my design process. Because with adaptability comes longevity.


Of course, adaptability means nothing without quality – and there’s nothing worse than clothing that’s worn out before you’ve worn it to its full potential.

But rather than simply telling you that I only choose premium-quality fabric and the highest standards of workmanship for Latched products, allow me to illustrate it… by talking about my favourite pair of leggings again!

A conservative estimate is that I’ve worn these leggings twice a week, every week, for the past three and a half years. That’s more than 364 individual wears!

As you can see from the photo above, they still fit me perfectly. The fabric isn’t bagging or sagging, the waistband is still snug and supportive, and trust me when I say the bum area is still dependably squat proof. They’re a little faded, as you’d expect, and they’re just starting to show signs of the fabric rubbing at the leg seam.

Despite this, there’s still LOADS of life left in them, and I certainly won’t be retiring this pair any time soon. But when that leg seam can’t take any more, I’ll be able to say with confidence that these leggings have seen me through YEARS of being an active pregnant and postnatal mama ­– not bad for £50, hey? (That’s about 12p per wear so far!)

Are you ready to invest in multitasking activewear that will keep you moving, comfortable and confident through everything pregnancy and mum-life can throw at you? Shop the latest collection.

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