Pregnancy RAGE

Well, I never imagined in a million years growing a human could have such an uncontrollable impact on my emotions and reactions. With Harper I was just super exhausted all the time and wanted to sleep but I was still me; level headed, pragmatic and sensible me. With baby boy I have what I can only term as “pregnancy rage” I am angry at everyone and everything all the time! Some days I manage it better than others but on the whole I’m just in a constant state of rage and I’m really struggling with it.

I want to snap at everyone about everything so I’m avoiding as many people as possible which isn’t healthy either. This is also resulting in me taking it all out on David as he’s the only person I see at the minute as we’ve been on annual leave.

Being on leave is a good thing as putting my headphones in at work and trying to block everyone out so I don’t upset or offend anyone was getting quite difficult as I’ve got a few projects on which involve collaboration with others... a recipe for disaster!

Yesterday I asked David to take a photo of bump as we’ve only taken one to date at 25weeks, you know second baby and all! He told me to move forward which resulted in the corner of the wall being in the way and I lost it, he told me I needed to calm down... well that’s the stupidest thing to possibly say to a hormonal pregnant woman. However instead of throwing something hard and heavy at his head I walked away, which was a really hard thing to do, I just felt like screaming at him you grow the bloody human and I’ll be normal again!

Anyone who knows me this is totally not me, I am so level headed and sensible not in a million years would I loose my shit over a photo of all things!

I’m hoping that this levels out soon as at 25+4 weeks surely my hormones should start balancing out?!? Can their hormones have that much of an impact on mum!

Did anyone else experience this? How did you cope without commuting murder? Let me know if you have any advice on handling this as I’d love to know I’m not alone!

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