Pregnant at Christmas?

Whilst it’s one of the most magical times of the year, I found being pregnant at Christmas both wonderful and depressing in equal measure. In addition to the usual social gatherings dinners, parties and events ramp up this time of year. It can be hard to know what to wear, what to eat/drink and when to bow out.


This can be one of the hardest things to adapt too at this time of the year. Instead of your usual tipple of choice why not try moving to mocktails? They can be made in fun and swanky glasses and offer the taste buds something different. If you can’t go without your Christmas bubbles there are so many non-alcoholic options now that you don’t have too. My personal favourites are:

Cheeses & Meats

My favourite foods are offered in abundance at Christmas and its my pleasure to say there is still plenty you can enjoy. Cheeses that are hard or mould-ripened but cooked until piping hot are safe to eat. NHS. Whilst meat is generally safe it needs to be cooked (medium/well done) so uncooked cured and fermented meat is off the menu. Pate however is a big no no – you’ll have to save that till next year.

Put your feet up

Christmas can be extremely stressful with all the planning, wrapping, cooking and attending gatherings. This year take it a bit slower and rest when you can, it’s the time of year when you’re surrounded by family and friends. Let them dote on you, let them do the dishes and rest/nap just because you can. Whilst I love to encourage an active pregnancy, rest is just as important – growing a human is hard work!

 Don't want to go?

You have the perfect “get out of jail free card”. We all know there are some events and gatherings we would all rather avoid and you now have the perfect excuse not to go. Blame it on the sickness, the exhaustion, the need to be near your hospital and midwife. If you feel like you really must attend you can always use your pregnancy to leave early


You now have the best of both worlds, you can show off your bump in figure hugging dresses or you can totally rock maternity leggings and oversized everything. So regardless of the destination you can dress exactly how you want too to every occasion.

Designated driver

Whilst you can’t drink you may find people asking to “grab a lift” remember you’re not an uber so you can say no! Don’t feel obliged to go out of your way picking people up. If you aren’t feeling it you don’t want to worry about dropping people off and staying longer than you want too so if you do take people with you forewarn them you may not stay all night.


Mix pregnancy hormones with Christmas movies, family time and gift-buying and giving be warned that the waterworks will flow more than usual. Whether it’s the fairy-tale ending, a cute baby grow you get bought, or the horrendous game of charades you’ll be totally emotional.  

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and if you have any advice for other women enjoying a baby bump this Christmas what words of wisdom would you offer?

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