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Maternity & Postnatal Active Support Cycling Shorts | Black

Maternity & Postnatal Active Support Cycling Shorts | Black

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Forget about making do with maternity shorts that dig into your bump, roll down or simply don’t fit – your body is doing an incredible thing, and you deserve better! These cycling shorts will not only support you to stay active throughout your pregnancy, they’re great for wearing under a dress in summer to avoid thigh-rub and ‘Marilyn moments’. Best of all, they’ll be a perfect postnatal fit too, so they’ll last way longer than nine months.

Designed by a mum for mums and mums-to-be, these squat-proof shorts are crafted in silky-soft technical fabric that wicks away sweat and grows with your body. The super-high waistband can be rolled down for a lower rise or pulled up over your tummy to gently hug and support your bump, lower back and hips. Stretch in the fabric delivers light compression and ensures the waistband continues to adapt to your changing shape, even after your baby is born (no bagging or sagging here!).  

The seams on these cycling shorts are strategically positioned to sit below your tummy, so they won’t dig into your bump or irritate a C-section scar. We’ve also added two deep pockets that are ideal for stashing a phone, gym card, keys, toddler snacks or even a baby bottle – we’ve tried and tested all these and more! 

We're proud to be a GOLD winner in the Best Maternity Fashion Brand category of the Loved By Parents awards 2022. 

Also available in Raspberry, Grey and Olive

Why mamas love them  

Bump-loving fabric
Our stretchy fabric will grow with your body from the first trimester to the third, without ever compromising on support. It also provides light compression, which can help ease pregnancy back and hip pain.

Perfect for postpartum life
You can wear these super-versatile cycling shorts for as long as you like postnatally – in fact, they'll probably become your go-to for everything from a workout to an extra bit of modesty under dresses. 

Never see-through!
Squat to your heart’s content without worrying that your shorts are letting you down! Our fabric is completely opaque and will stay that way through wash and wear. It's also the ideal thickness for preventing VPL and concealing maternity pads or knickers. 

Wear low or high waisted
Wear the waistband high to gently hug your bump or lightly sculpt your postnatal tummy, or roll it down if that’s more your style.

Dropped seams
These maternity cycling shorts feature dropped seams that won’t dig into your bump. They're also strategically positioned so they won't rub a C-section scar.

Two large pockets

Cycling shorts with pockets? Yes indeed. We’ve added a deep pocket at either side of these maternity and postnatal shorts. They’ll easily hold your phone, keys, a muslin or even a baby bottle. Game changer!


What stage are they for?

These maternity cycling shorts will see you through every step of your pregnancy – from the first trimester until you’re ready to pop! You can also count on them for comfort and support once your baby arrives, because they're designed to transition with your body both during and after pregnancy.

Generally the first trimester: you're newly pregnant and your regular clothes are becoming a little tight.

Generally the second trimester: your bump has 'popped' and there's no more squeezing into your jeans with the hairband hack!

Generally the third trimester: you're in the thick of it now! You can't really see your toes anymore and baby is very much at home!

Mamas of multiples or those with truly magnificent bumps – especially towards the end of pregnancy.

The fourth trimester and beyond: you've got through labour, your baby is here and you're keen to get moving. You need workout shorts you can count on to boost your confidence and support your postpartum tummy through every movement in comfort.

At a glance

🖤 Designed for pregnancy and postnatal life
🖤 73% polyester, 27% spandex
🖤 Black with white logo print at the left side
🖤 Squat-proof, sweat-wicking fabric
🖤 Never see-through
🖤 Light compression for support
🖤 Waistband can be worn over or under your bump
🖤 Dropped seams won't rub a C-section scar
🖤 Two large pockets
🖤 Available in sizes XS–XL (UK size 6 to 18)

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