Sizing – Everyday Bras

Bra sizes vary hugely from brand to brand, so regardless of what size you’re wearing now, it’s a good idea to use the Boob or Bust calculator to help you determine which size to order.

The sizing of our maternity and nursing bras correlates with this calculator, so once you have a suggested Boob or Bust size, use the chart below to find your Latched size. Going through this process means you’re far more likely to order the right size first time and get a bra that will fit you now AND after your baby is born. If you prefer, start by ordering the Latched size that corresponds to your pre-pregnancy size.

Our bras are designed to adapt to the needs of your changing body, as opposed to you having to change your bra constantly! There's no need to size up or try and guess the size you might need as your pregnancy progresses.

Need some personalised fitting advice? We’re here to help.